tertiary-butylhydroquinone tert-butylhydroquinone butylhydroquinone butylhydroquinone
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Tert- Butylhydroquinone
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butylhydroquinone tertiary
tertiary butylhydroquinone tbhq
tertiary butylhydroquinone
tertiary butylhydroquinone
tertiary butyl hydroquinone
tbhq butylhydroquinone


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TBHQ (Tert Butyl Hydroquinone)  is a  synthetic  meals  grade antioxidant  obtained   for  stabilising  various  oils, fats  ALONG WITH   meals  against oxidative deterioration,  so  retarding development  of  rancidity  inside   most of these   merchandise   IN ADDITION TO  considerably increasing  it\'s  shelf  AND  storage life. TBHQ provides   a good   outstanding stabilising effect  within  unsaturated fats, particularly  inside  polyunsaturated vegetable oils  ALONG WITH   inside  edible animal fats. tert butylhydroquinone  can even be  widely  taken   with   needed  oils, nuts, inedible animal fats, butterfat, packaged fried  foods   AND ALSO   foods  packaging materials  like  Glassine  ALONG WITH  Paraffin wax.

We are leading Manufacturers of Preservatives / Antioxidants like Tertiary Butyl Hydroquinone - TBHQ, tertiary butylhydroquinone Solution, butylhydroquinone tertiary Technical, Butylated Hydroxyanisole. And Exporters of BHA, Butylated Hydroxy Toluene - BHT, Hydroquinone Monomethyl Ether - MEHQ

The TBHQ anti-oxidant can itself be oxidized into all sorts of other molecules, like tert-butylquinone (which can be bad for the liver).  But it also promotes production of quinone reductase, which can either be interpreted as increasing cancer-fighting chemicals or causing the body to have to release them to fight possible gene damage

.Mainly, cut down on the prepared foods just on general principles and you won't have any problems with TBHQ.  It's as safe as anything else in life.


Why TBHQ ?

    • One of the trusted export hose and approved by the government of India Leader in Chemical Export like tertiary butylhydroquinone tbhq, MEHQ, BHA and N-Ethyl Carbazole Guaranteed Satisfaction for Quality – Tested Products.
    • Technical Expertise in Chemical field - More than 21+ years of Experience
    • International Trusted parties for import – export – Antioxidant, Bromine compounds and Dyes & pigment intermediates
    • Market Leader in international Market for Ethyl Carbazole, tertiary butylhydroquinone etc.

What Is TBHQ ?


tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ)
may be the  synthetic meal grade antioxidant, that will \'m   created for you to supply throughout stabilizing  a variety of vegetable oils, fats AND ALSO meals  against oxidative deterioration, thus retrading development  connected with rancidity with most of these solutions AND extending their storage life.

tbhq butylhydroquinone
, a natural antioxidant present with vegetable oils is often inadequate pertaining to  oxidative stability. Even external addition associated with  Tocopherol gives little or not any  increase  at the   stability   IN ADDITION TO hence Requirements synthetic antioxidant. Among the various  synthetic anti-oxidant, tertiary butylhydroquinone tbhq  AND Propyl Gallate  are generally ones most effective. However, unlike Propyl Gallate, tert butylhydroquinone can be  not prone  to be able to discolouration in presence  regarding  Iron.

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