Why TBHQ ?

  • It is approved by the government of India and trusted in the international market for quality products like butylhydroquinone tbhq, MEHQ, BHA and N-Ethyl Carbazole. They are quality tested as well as Guaranteed.
  • Has more than 2 decades of experience in this field
  • Trusted in the global market for products such as Antioxidant, Bromine compounds and Dyes & pigment intermediates
  • International Market leader of products such as Ethyl Carbazole, tertiary butylhydroquinone etc.

What is TBHQ ?

TBHQ is the abbreviated form of tertiary butylhydroquinone. This is a synthetic anti-oxidant used in edible and inedible fats and oils both vegetable and animal based. It prevents oxidation as well as Rancidification of the food products. Hence it acts as a preservative and enhances the shelf-life of the products.