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Reputed brand and recognized TBHQ Manufacturer

Company Overview

Our company TBHQ is chiefly engrossed in manufacturing products such as Tertiary Butyl Hydroquinone (TBHQ), Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) & Monomethyl Ether Hydroquinone (MEHQ).

The company has the total production capacity of 1200 MT per annum. We are one among the leading manufacturers of TBHQ antioxidants in India.

We are also the principal TBHQ Antioxidants Exporters of India. Our other products such as Bromine Compounds, Fine Chemicals, Intermediates, Bulk Drugs, Phase Transfer and Catalysts are also very popular in the global as well as domestic market. We keep up with the changing trends and requirements of the market to offer the best.

Quality Policy

We are committed to quality. Quality is our main goal throughout as well as at the end of the production process. We are devoted to offer high quality products to our clients and endeavor for the same. We at our high-tech lab test out the final output of the products before supplying them in the market. We adhere to the international standards of quality while manufacturing our products. Thus we maintain our customer satisfaction which is our top priority.

Quality Manufacturer of TBHQ
Mission to be the world's best TBHQ Manufacturer

Mission / Vision

Our vision is to rapidly grow and develop as a profit making company by offering our customers world class quality Chemicals in the special sectors of Pharmaceuticals, Pigments & Dyes etc.

Corporate Values

  • Team Work: We consider that we can accomplish better than the best with team spirit.
  • Integrity: We are apparent, reasonable and honest in all our interactions and business with our clients.
  • Respect: We treat our colleagues, our patrons and our suppliers with high respect.
  • Professionalism: We always put our best in what we do.
Quality Supplier of TBHQ in Ahmedabad
Tetra Butyl Ammonium Bromide Manufacturer


  • It is approved by the government of India and trusted in the international market for quality products like butylhydroquinone tbhq, MEHQ, BHA and N-Ethyl Carbazole. They are quality tested as well as Guaranteed.
  • Has more than 2 decades of experience in this field
  • Trusted in the global market for products such as Antioxidant, Bromine compounds and Dyes & pigment intermediates
  • International Market leader of products such as Ethyl Carbazole, tertiary butylhydroquinone etc.

What is TBHQ ?

TBHQ is the abbreviated form of tertiary butylhydroquinone. This is a synthetic anti-oxidant used in edible and inedible fats and oils both vegetable and animal based. It prevents oxidation as well as Rancidification of the food products. Hence it acts as a preservative and enhances the shelf-life of the products.

Tertiary Butyl Hydroquinone Manufacturer and Supplier
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