MEHQ (Hydroquinone Monomethyl Ether)

Technical Specification of MEHQ

Specification :
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Chemical Name 4-Methoxy Phenol, Pare Methoxy Phenol ,
4- Hydroxyanisole
Synonyms 150-76-5
Empirical Formula 124.10
Molecular Weight White Crystals
Appearance 99.5% Min.
Assay (Purity) 0.10% Max.
Hydroquinone % Wt 0.10% Max.
Di Methoxy Benzene %Wt 0.10% Max.
Moisture Content % Wt 1.105
Specific Gravity (65°C) 1.55
Specific Gravity (Room Temp.)  
Colour: Num:
  • 50% solution in Acetone
  • 10% solution in Acetone
40 Max
20 Max

Areas of Application :

The antioxidant activity of BHT (Food Grade) can be incorporated to the baked products if it is utilized as an antioxidant in the shortenings applied in their production.

  • Polymerization inhibitor in the manufacturing of Acrylics Methacrylics, (2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate), Styrene Monomer.
  • Monomer ( Polymerization inhibiter)
  • Stabilizer for Cellulose Material, Liquid Detergents, Cosmetics
  • Ink(Polymerization inhibiter)

Storage Conditions :

  • Material is sensitive to light, therefore it has to be stored in a dark & cool place, or else the appearance changes to light pink color.

Estimated life :

  • 1 Year from the date of Manufacturing.
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